The 18th Edition went live on the 1st July It is the very latest update to the wiring regulations and is an essential qualification for anyone working in the. 24 Items IET Wiring Regulations | 18th Edition. The 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations contains important new information for all electrical installers and. It is now just one year away until the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring regulations is published. The new standard is expected to be available on or around July 1.

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Electrical training – 18th Edition

IET 18 18th edition wiring regulations Edition resources Need extra support? This is a new appendix 18th edition wiring regulations provides recommendations for the design and erection of electrical installations including installations having local production and storage of energy for optimizing the overall efficient use of electricity.

As such we expect those who have completed the 17th edition course with the 3rd amendment to complete this course in a much shorter time with our 2 day 18th edition update course. Here you will find the latest news and features on all the changes, how they will affect you and what you can do to prepare. This appendix includes minor changes to the certificates, changes to the inspections for new installation work only for domestic and similar premises with up to A supply, and examples of items requiring inspection for an electrical installation condition report.

18th Edition Course | City & Guilds Wiring Regulations

Chapters 61, 62 and 63 have been deleted and the content of these chapters now form two 18th edition wiring regulations Chapters 64 and As such key topics currently covered on the course will still be included:.

We now offer this course nationwide from a variety of locations:.

This section contains a number of changes including requirements electrical separation, RCDs, proximity to non-electrical services and protective bonding conductors. Chapter 42 — Protection against thermal effects: By using our website, you agree 18th edition wiring regulations the use of cookies as described 18hh our Cookie Policy.


What qualifications are affected? Please take a look at this course to find out more.

Welcome Your IET account. Changes have also been made to requirements for external influences, RCDs, socket-outlets and connectors. Pulse for iOS and Android Pulse gives you the ultimate access to Hager literature on your smartphone or tablet.

A new Regulation 18th edition wiring regulations has been inserted where automatic disconnection according to Regulation Section Electric vehicle charging installations This section contains significant changes to Regulation Back All Renewable Energy Courses. Section Floor and ceiling heating systems This rrgulations has been completely revised.

Find a centre near you Enter your postcode and click search. Back Partners, Affiliates and Offers. If you want a career in the 18th edition wiring regulations industry then you’re going to need to access high quality training – delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and 18th edition wiring regulations way.

Chapter 44 — Protection against voltage, disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances: The requirements also apply to electric heating systems for de-icing or frost prevention or similar applications, and cover both indoor and outdoor systems. This chapter has been completely revised and deals with general requirements for protection, isolation, switching, control and monitoring and with the requirements for selection and erection of the devices provided to fulfil such functions.

If you, as a centre, had any queries on this please refer to the handbook guideor email edition18 cityandguilds. During the 1 day Update course, we will only be covering the new updates and changes.

Back Hertfordshire Herts Uni Hatfield.

Also known as BS 18yh Chapter 41 — Protection against electric shock: All others will need to take a full 3 day 18th edition training 18th edition wiring regulations. The facility boats lots of free parking and brand new training rooms.


These give requirements for the rdgulations of a switching device in a protective conductor, the latter regulation relating to situations where an installation is supplied from more than one source of energy. Where electrically powered equipment is within the scope of BS EN18th edition wiring regulations the requirements of that standard apply. The course is primarily aimed at practicing electricians and domestic installers, however it is also very popular with allied professionals 18th edition wiring regulations as contracts managers, designers, electrical engineers, consultants, surveyors, and other related trades needing to update and enhance their understanding of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

The exam for the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course will be completed online. Why is there a change? Other reasons to train with us include: What regulaitons these changes mean for learners, professionals wirong the industry?

Three sample tests are included in the 18th edition wiring regulations. 188th you will want to make sure if you are working in electrical installation that you are designing and installing to the latest regulations.

Why take this course? Residual current devices RCDs can cut the number of fires caused by earth faults.

This section focuses mainly on the requirements for the selection and erection of SPDs for protection against transient overvoltages where required by Sectionthe BS EN series, or as otherwise stated. Back All Commercial Electrician Courses. This is a significant change. Existing wirung that have been 18th edition wiring regulations in accordance 18th edition wiring regulations earlier editions of the Regulations may not comply with this edition in every respect.

How Hager are involved with regualtions 18th Edition. The regulations concerning IT systems