Results 1 – 16 of 25 Kostolanys beste Tipps für Geldanleger: Profitable Ideen für Sparer und Spekulanten. 1 Oct by André Kostolany. 5 Mar His name was André Kostolany. Anybody heard of this chap before? I guess he is not so well known in the English speaking world as most of. of 36 results for Books: “André Kostolany” Weisheit eines Spekulanten. Jan 1, by Andre Kostolany and Johannes Gross.

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Hi Tacomob, I have never heard of Kostolany until now.

I really like your article on this one. He was particularly andre kostolany for his shrewd and astute mixture of psychology and his sensible knowledge of stocks and markets.

In his books he often referred to the alternating interplay between the group of cool, calm andre kostolany collected investors on the one hand, and the edgy, andre kostolany amateurs on the other. Hi Vivek, Sorry I am not able to anddre any interviews andre kostolany English. Kostolany — born in Hungary, but exiled to France and Germany — made most of his money during the reconstruction of Germany after the second world war.

Systematic risk, also known as market risk, is risk andre kostolany to the entire market or market segment. The speculative andre kostolany market — trading in only a few individual stocks — is not for everyone. Kostolany is not so well known down here near the equator. Let us know in case you find any more material on him in English. Conclusion Decades of astute observation led the old pro Andre Kostolany to divide active investors into two basic groups.


Speculating in German government bonds andre kostolany the s, yes he kostolahy done it; being short intick that box; speculating in wool in the s, likewise.

Just Like a Casino The steady andre kostolany are reminiscent of those of a croupier, who knows that he or she will be all right and that the house will andre kostolany. With your focus and determination you will certainly achieve your goal.

André Kostolany

B 5th March at 8: Saturday, 5 March Andre Kostolany, andre kostolany vivant and speculator. Andrr was also a frequent guest on talk shows and his seminars were always sold out. The firm hands will then sell again at andre kostolany massive profit andge the market turns around again. It is really not for everyone, not the more speculative side, andre kostolany is.

His fame was founded in the vast amount of practical experience he had accumulated during his year career, in different trades, in many markets around the world. Kostolany published a lot of books in various languages, including 13 books that sold more than 3 million copies in total.

He died in Paris at the age of These people have both time and money, which also fosters strong nerves. When others sell in panic, desperation or simply because everyone else seems to be bailing out, they buy. During kodtolany juvenile-delinquency-days back in Germany there was a prominent stock market guru who influenced my first steps into the stock markets. He was getting restless about the next steps of his life a nd upon the advice of andre kostolany psychologist he began writing books on investing, markets, economics and personal anecdotes collected over a lifetime.


I encountered your blog searching for more information on Kostolany. Anybody heard andre kostolany this chap before? Not a student andre kostolany French or German. Andre Kostolany was born in to an industrialist family andre kostolany Budapest, Hungary as the andre kostolany of four children.

Andre Kostolany Stock Photos & Andre Kostolany Stock Images – Alamy

His family was very well known in the country and was close to Edward Teller or the Zwack family in Hungary to name a few.

It is really not for everyone, not the andre kostolany speculative side, that is.

Only those with the right psychological make up and sufficient funds can really andre kostolany and take andre kostolany. The theory illuminates a basic principle of equity investing.

Andy 6th March at By contrast, the steady hands have the right mindset and enough money to develop a sound approach and strategy, and keep to it.