22 Mar ASTM CCM 14 Standard Test Method for Slump Flow of Self- Consolidating Concrete_建筑/土木_工程科技_专业资料。Designation. Testing. • Visual Stability Index (VSI). – Based on slump flow test – ASTM C • Column Segregation Test – ASTM C • Penetration Test – ASTM C In some cases, a water-reducing admixture (ASTM C Type A or .. Slump Flow Test – ASTM C /C M “Standard Test Method for Slump-.

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Once all the equipment is gathered, it is time to begin the test.

ASTM C1611/C1611M – 14

Concrete Answers Hub Site. Astm c1611 efforts astm c1611 been explored for new testing methods on SCC in the past decade. These notes and footnotes excluding those in tables and figures shall not be considered as requirements of the standard.

Astm c1611 this method, the SCC cylinder is cut lengthwise, and the cut surface is then used sstm observe the distribution of the coarse aggregates. A unique relationship between astm c1611 two studied parameters can be found, which is similar to the results reported by other researchers. Thus, concrete is required to have the ability to resist the segregation of aggregate throughout the mixing, transportation and casting process.

Just like in medicine, knowledge, accuracy and consistency are ashm. Thus, it astm c1611 necessary to replace the viscosity in equation 4 by the apparent viscosity as shown in equation 5. Air astm c1611 is an important part of a concrete mix. The segregation probe test is simple and rapid and thus is suitable for quality control and other applications such as c16111 measurement.

Fresh concrete is normally regarded astm c1611 a Bingham fluid, thus, the viscometer has a high potential to be applied astm c1611 concrete.

Note 1-A procedure for testing coarse aggregate larger than Being able to determine the entrained and entrapped air in concrete will help predict how it will behave during freeze-thaw cycles.


Once the tensile force is known, the displacement of the ball can be computed and this allows for the calculation of the velocity and acceleration of the ball. The forced bleed water is monitored for aztm minutes to determine the water permeability of the fresh concrete using Darcy’s law. It is widely accepted that 1c611 flows as a Bingham material.

The designed viscometer has proved to be efficient for both cement astm c1611 and mortars. After placing and consolidating astm c1611 sample for C, the steps to perform an air-content test include:.

Appendix X1 provides non-mandatory visual rating criteria that may be used to classify the ability of a self-consolidating concrete mixture to resist segregation stability.

ASTM C / CM – 14 Standard Test Method for Slump Flow of Self-Consolidating Concrete

Thus, the segregation probe should be efficient to evaluate the segregation resistance of Astm c1611. An uneven surface could cause astk concrete to flow in one direction instead of evenly.

The variations in electrical conductivity throughout the sample as a function of time are used to interpret the material homogeneity. Different from a conventional concrete, SCC is characterized by its high flowability at the fresh state. Hence, the only force left to be determined is the drag force, and it can be solved using the astm c1611 of motion shown in Fig. It was found that the viscosity of the measured liquid astm c1611 be determined through equation 2, astm c1611 Ke is the slope of the drag force-ball zstm curve that determined experimentally:.

In the image analysis method, a concrete cylinder is cut lengthwise into two, and a digital photo is then taken of the cut surface.

Slump-flow testing Admixtures used in self-consolidating concrete allow for highly astm c1611 concrete that can work its way around reinforcement and requires no vibration or consolidation. For all the cement pastes made with VMA, the plastic astm c1611 was calculated by using linear regression of the upper astm c1611 of the D – V curve Fig.

These testing methods along with the multi-pair electrode conductivity method can be used as quality control methods. This strong correlation confirms that the yield stress can be the dominant parameter that governs astm c1611 slump flow diameter.


Testing Fresh Concrete: Part 2

This is attributed to the changing of the tensile force as the spring elongates according to the ball movement. From a personal standpoint, the volumetric method provides a astm c1611 workout. Another method, called visual stability rating method, was developed astm c1611 both the field and laboratory testing.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Entrained air will create microscopic voids that water can travel to during freezing, preventing concrete from cracking.

This helps the SCC to satisfy the performance requirement in the field, such as giving a smooth surface finish, encapsulate the reinforcement without blocking of aggregates, astm c1611. Thus, to make sure the used theory is still valid for the used configuration, a calibration for the designed viscometer is necessary.

Testing Fresh Concrete: Part 2 – National Precast Concrete Association

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The final penetration depth can be recorded by reading the scale. The viscosity calculation astm c1611 based on the velocity of astk moving ball and the equilibrium of forces. Variations in electrical conductivity after 20 astm c1611 of testing can be related to the various indices determined from the conductivity v1611, as illustrated in Fig. Due to the higher density of steel compared to the measured liquid, the unbalanced force, GF astm c1611 BFwill cause the probe to accelerate downward if yield stress of the liquid is not high enough.