This internship report of Bank Alfalah Limited Bahawalpur where I spend 06 weeks in almost all departments of bank. I worked with all staff of bank. Internship Report on Bank Alfalah – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. BANK ALFALAH LIMITED Internship Report submitted to the Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the.

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Hank report is prepared on the basis of full fledge analysis of an organization. Its directors were conducting the business like that of limited companies.

Detail is as under: The process of collection starts when the cheques of Bank Alfalah Ltd. But bank has lot of opportunities to improve its quality of services, and do efficient banking.

The imports figure of Rs.

This department is concerned with revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. Besides this growth specialized credit and financial institutions have also developed over geport years. Closing of Accounts The procedure of closing of account is as follows. It is just like current account the difference is if average balance is maintained at Rs.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

His specimen repoet card is attached with the account opening form and marked closed. Offering you the facility that saves you the extra that you pay when you use Alfalah Credit Card at all patrol pumps in Pakistan.

A liability form is send to the credit department if he has taken a loan from the bank. When BAL entered the arena of Car Financing, there were only a few players including the leasing companies and banks. If any cheque is to return that is delivered to the same bank in second clearing. Entry is passed in the cash payment register. Issuance procedure of Demand Draft is same as of pay Order. If he is cleared from all the liabilities then further proceeds are taken.


The product has facilitated in creating strong brand recognition for BAL in the market.

Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Bohat ALA

For this purpose cash pay-in-slip is used. They are aware that they have stepped into the 21st century and they must meet its challenges by acquiring the highest level of the technology. Same kind of behavior and attention is given to all the customers. Aldalah can avail matchless discounts each time you charge your card at these outlets.

Details of these banks are then entered into the clearing schedule containing number of cheques presented and their total amount against the name of each bank.

Therefore the expert committee recommended that the Reserve Vank of India should continue to function in Pakistan until 30th September so that problems of time and demand liability coinage currencies exchange etc. Keeping in view our valued clients and the need for constant and effective communication of information we have designed this website to be as user-friendly as possible. Credit risk management involves new accounts, customer reassessment unit, verifications, collections and recovery.

Internship Report on Bank Alfalah Limited – Assignment Point

Issuance of a Repoft Book: This department prepares different deposit schemes for its customers time to time in order to increase the business of the bank. As a new country without resources it was very difficult for Pakistan to run its own banking system immediately.


The following documents are required to be submitted by an applicant with the completed application.

Articles and Memorandum of association. Suggestions Asked From Customers: This process benefits from an inherent system of checks and balances at each level. BAL is offering financing facility not only for the brand new vehicles but also caters to those customers who wish to opt for used vehicles. Only those classified non-performing loans are subjected to write off where all efforts for recovery have been exhausted and chances of recovery of debt is remote.

With their key indicators of progress already soaring to new heights, the bank is committed gank dedicate all its energies, resources and time to bring higher value and satisfaction to their customers, employees and shareholders.

When the owner of the firm operates singly, account is opened in his firm name. In order to streamline Banking organizations inyernship techniques conferences were held in Nuremburg alfalau to and it was agreed that the commercial interest of the time needed a bank with facilities of growth alfala transfer but it should not be a bank run by private individuals.

It is made by the bank, given to the purchaser against cash or cheque.

This process can be inward or outward. Otherwise the payment will not be made. He also verifies signature.