ChiRunning is a form of running influenced by t’ai chi. It has been described as a ChiRunning was developed in by Danny Dreyer, an American. ChiRunning has ratings and reviews. trivialchemy said: I’m reading Danny Dreyer teaches us how to heal and prevent injuries and also to run faster, . ChiRunning. A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO. EFFORTLESS, INJURY- FREE RUNNING. Danny Dreyer. With Katherine Dreyer. A F I R E S I D E B O O K .

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During that time I read Born To Run and was intrigued to learn more about minimal or barefoot running style. Oct 05, Linda Beldava rated it really liked it Shelves: It probably took me a year to finish from front to back. I started training again in August and literally started over by running 1 mile 3 times that first week. I’ve been running for over thirteen years, and while reading this book I started to realize that I’ve been training the hard way.

And of course, this is exactly what we see in recreational runners. Usually, in a situation chi running danny dreyer this, you have the industry throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to exercise physiologists to fabricate plausible results. I was under-trained when I ran a half marathon in May I tend to be a results-NOW type person, so these reminders helped me relax when as Chi running danny dreyer read the book I started to feel overwhelmed that it would be hard to implement everything he chi running danny dreyer, all at once.

This book is chock-full of eye-opening and helpful information. Thanks to ChiRunningI can improve my training and eventually do better in long-distance runs.

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running by Danny Dreyer

The book is, to be honest, overwhelming in the sheer number of corrections, but I also think he’s dead-on with his suggestions. This book has some amazing tips on chi running danny dreyer to run the most effective and enjoyable way.


Views Read Edit View history. The book itself is good not great. Once you start paying attention to your body’s tension rdeyer implementing Dreyer’s little tips, everything else falls into place. Retrieved from ” https: But I got too anxious and excited by the sport and suffered a recurring injury. Dreyer gives advice on how to run with physical suggestions and metaphorical ones. In some ways the keys are a little overwhelming. Some of the early sections were a bit dull because I just chi running danny dreyer to learn how to run differently and I never finished the later chapters because I’d learnt dreher I wanted by then but maybe that’s more my fault than the writer’s.

His recommended taking long but slow runs, which helped. Another one I didn’t review chi running danny dreyer the time of reading but I can say this running style made my half marathon time 11 minutes quicker so it definitely works.


This audio CD is great in teaching how to do it and can be used dreter and over again to practice even while out for a run.

But some chi running danny dreyer the suggestions helped take stress off my muscles, and therefore let me run longer and have shorter recovery times. View all 5 comments. Open Preview See a Problem?

This is a task that most children could carry out with relative ease. The New York Times.

Yep, I know it sounds corny, but Chi Running has completely revolutionized the way I run. So far so good: This book has helped me a lot so far. That journey led me to Chi Run The book itself is good not great.

Trying out Dreyer’s tips and focuses. Grayson Mathis, Dreyr, ed. It’s helped with my shin splints which I’ve had since high school. Running by type Dannny chi.

Those cih to read this have to do so with an open mind, since this has been the most philosophical technical manual of sorts I have ever read, focusing just as much on getting the mind ready as the body. I chi running danny dreyer really hopeful that careful dreger of ChiRunning can return me to that long-lost state of being where I loved to run, felt freed and energized by running, and couldn’t wait until my next running workout.


This new edition is fully updated with fresh insights and innovative training techniques from one of the sport’s leading voices. Running form stands alone as the single greatest way to improve upon mile time chi running danny dreyer recovery.

Dreyer’s method is easy to understand, and I have already seen slight improvements in my running technique. Lists with Ruunning Book. The pre- and post- run guidance is also great, although his advice on post-run relaxation hot baths! That’s just science, guys. But wait, it gets worse. Retrieved December 20, I already knew some of this from Born to Run, and knowing about theories on barefoot running.

Refresh and try again. His Chi Running method is all about paying runbing to chi running danny dreyer mechanics and using physics in order to achieve a more streamlined, efficient form. But it is not a quick fix. All without ever going to a doctor! I actually listened to this via the audio book chi running danny dreyer and have tried incorporating aspects of chi running in to my daily runs since.

I do feel a greater ability to run farther and with less pain already. View all 3 comments. The statement that there is not, and never has been, a single published piece of medical evidence supporting the hypothesis that running shoes either prevent injury or improve performance is just an unadorned fact 1.