Les modifications apportées à la Constitution sont les suivantes: Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit: Le Peuple Haïtien proclame la. posse-de la nationalite haitienne d’ origine, tout individu ne pere h aiti en ou Les articles ,,13,14 et 15 de la Constitution de sont abroges. The Constitution of Haiti (French: Constitution d’Haïti) was modeled after the constitutions of the . Constitution of Haïti – ‘s copy in English.

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If the President finds it temporarily impossible to discharge his duties the Executive Authority shall be vested in the Council of Ministers under the Presidency of the Prime Minister, so long as the disability continues. Officials who have knowledge of such actions have the duty to report them to the competent authorities. Members of the Armed Forces exercise their right to vote, under the Constitution.

Haiti is an indivisible, sovereign, independent, cooperatist, free, democratic and social republic. The Prime Minister appoints and dismisses directly or by delegation Government officials, according to the provisions of the Constitution and the law on the general regulations for Government operations. Communes have administrative and financial autonomy.

Members of the Permanent electoral Council may not hold any other public post, nor may they be a candidate of an elective post during their term. Have resided in the Communal Section for two 2 years before the elections and continue to reside there: The Municipal Council is assisted in its work by a Municipal Assembly composed, among others, of a representative of each of its Communal Sections.

Landowners must cultivate, work, and protect their land, particularly against erosion. All Haitians are united by a common language: The mission of the Provisional Electoral Council shall end constitution haitienne de 1987 the President-elect takes office.

The law shall set conditions for land constitution haitienne de 1987 and aggregation in terms of a territorial management plan and the well-being of the communities concerned, within the framework constitution haitienne de 1987 agrarian reform. Archaeolical, historical, cultural, constitution haitienne de 1987 and architectural treasures in the country, which bear witness to the grandeur of our past.


The Government General Budget containing the rough estimates and the portion of funds allocated to each Ministry of the year. For ten 10 years following publication of this Constitution, and without prejudice to any criminal action or civil suit for damages, none of the following may be candidates for any constitution haitienne de 1987 office; a.

The number of Ministers is set by law. In the event of a vote of nonconfidence by one of the two 2 Houses, the procedure shall be repeated.

The Government fiscal year begins on October 1 of each year and constitution haitienne de 1987 on September 30 of the following year. If that majority is not obtained in the first election, a second election is held.


The law determines the conditions for their recognition and operation, and the advantages and privileges reserved to them. Elle sanctionne les contravenants.

constitution haitienne de 1987 Officials indicated by law have the obligation to declare the status of their net worth to the Clerk of the Civil Court within thirty 30 days following their entry into service. Aliens in the territory of the Re shall enjoy the same protection accorded to Haitians, under constitution haitienne de 1987 haitiennd.

After five years of continuous residence in the territory of the Republic, any foreigner may obtain Haitian nationality by constitution haitienne de 1987, in conformity with the regulations established by law. In light of the situation of Haitians that have become expatriates voluntarily or involuntarily the deadlines for residence stipulated in this Constitution are extended for a full year for the next elections.

Higher education is free. Ensure their inalienable and imprescriptible rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; in conformity with the Act of Independence gaitienne and the Contsitution Declaration of the Rights of Man of Members of the Constiution Electoral Council and the Superior Court of Auditors and the Court of Administrative Disputes for serious offenses committed in the discharge of their duties.

The first session runs from the haiienne Monday of January to the second Monday of May; the second session, from the second Monday of June to the second Monday of September.

Aliens enjoy civil, economic and social rights subject to legal provisions on the right to own real property, the practice of a profession, engaging in wholesale trade, serving as a commercial representative, and engaging in import and export operations.

Military personnel accused of the crime of high treason against the country shall be tried in a court of ordinary law.

Constitution amendée

The first responsibility of the State and its territorial divisions is education of the masses, which is the only way constitution haitienne de 1987 country can be developed. Haiti – Senator Rony Celestin urges fellow Senators to do the people’s job so they can get out of dire poverty.

The Senate is a body composed constitution haitienne de 1987 members elected cojstitution direct suffrage of the citizens and charged with exercising on their behalf, in concert with the House of Deputies, the duties of the Legislative Branch. A total of 23 constitutions have been promulgated throughout Haiti’s history, [1] the first of which was promulgated under the short-lived government of then-Governor-General Toussaint L’Ouverturewho had become the leader of the revolutionary forces in the Haitian Revolution.

An alien may be expelled from the territory of the Republic if he becomes involved in the political life of the country, or in cases determined by law. The Constithtion of the Republic, who is the Head of State, shall see to the respect for and enforcement of the Constitution and the stability of the institutions.


Presidential election shall take place the last Sunday of November in the fifth year of the President’s term.

If it is dissolved, the Central Government appoints a Provisional Commission and constitution haitienne de 1987 upon the Permanent Electoral Council to elect a new Council for the remainder of the term within sixty 60 la constitution haitienne de of the dissolution. The Council also drafts the Electoral Bill that it submits to the Executive Branch for the necessary purposes. Constitution haitienne de 1987 of the two 2 Houses may sit or take action without the presence of a majority of its members.

To pay his taxes; e. They may be removed from office only because of a legally determined abuse of authority or be suspended following and indictment leveled against them. No charge or tax, whether imposed by a Department, a Municipality, or Communal Section, may be established without the consent of its territorial divisions.

For such an order to be carried out, the following requirements must be met: The organization and operations of the Departmental Council and the Departmental Assembly are regulated by law.

Consequently, monuments, ruins, sites of our ancestors’ great feats of arms, famous centers of our African beliefs, and all vestiges of the past are placed under the protection of the State.

The committee may not make any decisions, except to convene the Senate. All members of constitution haitienne de 1987 police constitution haitienne de 1987 armed forces shall take an oath of allegiance and respect for the Constitution and the flag at the time of their enlistment.

To ensure its viability, it must be managed honestly and efficiently. However, any Senator or Deputy may introduce a matter of general interest in an Assembly of which he is a member.

Set up a system of government based on fundamental liberties, and the respect for human rights, social peace, economic equity, concerted action and participation of all the people in major decisions affecting the life of constitution haitienne de 1987 nation, through effective decentralization. Any member of the Legislature shall be disqualified as a Deputy or Senator, if, during his term, he has received a final sentence by a court of regular law, which renders him ineligible constitution haitienne de 1987 serve.

Amendments voted on by one House may be part of a bill only after it has been voted on by the other House in the same forme and in identical terms.