So the extra toughness does not add much size or bulk, if any. It was based on the standard Latitude D As is the case with most standard notebook LCDs, the vertical viewing angle is quite narrow so that you have to adjust the angle of the display when you use the computer. The matte screen simply diffuses the light, but it certainly reflects a lot. I still do not like the glossy displays not even on my big-screen TV , and I am convinced that seeing an actual mirror reflection makes our brains fill in blanks and supply perceived and distractive detail. It features a super-bright nit LCD display with anti-reflective coating, so the screen can be easily seen on even the brightest days. While the ATG D made it through our drop tests without a hitch, it didn’t fare so well when it came to our spill tests.

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And the base model does not even dell d630 atg with the shockmounted hard drive. Additionally, the lack of moving parts means it’s much less susceptible than a traditional dell d630 atg drive to failure due to sudden shock. Battery life results were much better; the system lasted a strong 4 hours and 2 minutes with Wi-Fi enabled, which led the pack by a good margin.

Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: Dell Latitude ATG D

The computer on the left is an old Toshiba Portege Tablet PC that has a matte surface but is not outdoor-viewable. HDD Carrier Door 4: What you see is the reflection of the lamp and window next to it! The keyboard dell d630 atg handles screen brightness control, the keyboard illumination, standby, an integrated numeric keypad, and the usual variety of other utility functions. It’s dell d630 atg fairly compact notebook with a The red illumination works perfectly for typing.

We love that Dell includes a trackpoint cursor controller dell d630 atg a touchpad, which you can disable when you’re not using it. As soon as the first ounce of water touched the keyboard, the screen went black.

It features a shock-mounted, removable hard drive, a shock-mounted LCD screen, a dust and spill-resistant keyboard, port covers and more. Does the theoretical assessment hold up in real life?

The picture below is an actual, undoctored image of the Dell’s screen in bright sunlight, taken with a dell d630 atg megapixel Pentax dSLR camera click on it for a large version. So somewhat ruggedized notebooks like the ATG may be the way to go, but there they run into tough competition.

While the ATG D made it through our drop tests without a hitch, it didn’t fare so well when dell d630 atg came to our spill tests. Also available are Dell and Intel versions that support the draft n standard. The dell d630 atg drive of our choice, for example, is an 80GB drive that is dlel by being embedded in a rubberized mount that itself sits in a magnesium allow casing.

Dell Latitude ATG D – External Reviews

As is, the ATG has formidable performance specs and a superb outdoor-viewable display, but whether that is enough to sway customers to go with Dell instead of one of the incumbents dell d630 atg the rugged market is hard to say.

See Augmentix XTG review.

The bonding prevents the bottom surface of the glass and the top surface of the LCD from reflecting any light, while the AR coating minimizes the amount of light reflected from the top surface of the glass. According to Walker, the effective contrast of a newspaper in sunlight is about Be that as it xtg, while the Cell screen surface is a glossy screen, it definitely is an outdoor-readable one.

The full-sized keyboard was roomy and comfortable, with large auxiliary keys. There’s no doubt that the ATG D is tough enough to handle the occasional drop, and it certainly has the muscle to handle whatever business apps you throw at it, but if you’re prone to keyboard spills, this notebook may not dell d630 atg the best choice.

Dell d630 atg Latitude ATG is prepared for dust, humidity, vibration and high altitudes, plus a lot of the dell d630 atg bumps and knocks that are part of the territory when you’re working in the field. Our configuration came with a 32GB solid-state hard drive, not the most spacious, but it speeds up the boot sequence.

Dell ATG D630

f630 Under certain angles the glossy attg inherent “mirror” effect seemed to reflect everything, but in actual use outdoors it really wasn’t bad. This is accomplished via the spill-resistant keyboard, port covers, the shock-mounted hard drive and LCD, and high durability textured paint.

The dell d630 atg is brighter now because the sun shines on it. Cost xell, and between that, the terrific display, and Dell’s name, service and technology, the ATG is the answer for many who need a machine that is more durable than a standard notebook and dell d630 atg be used outdoors.

It has a fairly compact footprint of Likewise, without rubber bumpers, it probably can dell d630 atg survive small drops. As explained above, the ATG’s outdoor-readable display is, in theory, better than any other.

These features, along with its durability and high performance Intel Core 2 Duo dell d630 atg processor, make the Latitude ATG a force to be reckoned with. This results in the ability to survive numerous 3-foot drops, IP54 sealing, and an extremely wide operating temperature range.