BERGFEX: Ski resort Megève – Evasion Mont-Blanc – Skiing holiday Megève – Evasion Mont-Blanc – Winter Piste map Ski resort Megève – Evasion Mont- Blanc. View the Megeve Piste Map. UK. Related Regions: Evasion Mont Blanc, Haute Savoie, Northern Alps, France, Europe, Les Portes du Mont-Blanc. The Evasion passes give you access to ski lifts and runs of all levels. Forfait Evasion pedestrian: for the purchase of a winter pass, get the summer.

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As long as you stay in the puste you really can’t go wrong, and a quick look at the piste map will show evasion mont blanc piste map the majority of the ski pistes are in the trees. Unlike the ski areas such as Grand Montets in Chamonix, Megeve and St Gervais doesn’t really have the gradient for long sustained black pistes.

This evasion mont blanc piste map you don’t need to worry about other skiers speeding through the area with varying degrees of control to quite the same extent. Well, the whole area is rarely too busy in good weather, but on bad weather days it can feel more like a private ski resort.

Evasion Mont Blanc Ski Area

Then again, if you’re tired and want an easier way to ski back, there’s also the green Sept Nains piste evasion mont blanc piste map bring you back to Megeve without having to download on the Jaillet gondola. Advanced Ski Areas in Chamonix, France. OK, so it’s not Mammoth mountain, but there’s still a variety of parks dotted about the Evasion Mont Blanc ski area to help you get yo’ jib on.

Below the Plan Joux chairlift in the Combloux area is a small boardercross track and snow park with a variety of boxes, rails and smaller kickers. All the options are graded blue, and vary from the more winding to wider but more direct. If you want to get a good burn in your thighs whilst attracting envious looks from the chairlift as you power down through head height moguls then a trip up the Aiguille Croche chair in Les Contamines should be in your plans.

In Combloux at the other end of the Evasion Mont Blanc ski area, the red and black pistes descending from the Christomet telesiege have the enticing combination of steeper terrain, little traffic and a mix of well groomed and mogulled options. This side of the hill evasion mont blanc piste map more sun than the rest of Les Contamines, so the pistes can be a bit icy first thing and a bit soft late in the day, but time it right and you’ll have a grand time.

After the descent you’ll need to return by skiing down the often icy Roman road followed by a long skate along the evadion de fond pistes and a little bit of walking to the Telecabine de la Gorge lift to return to the ski area.

Its like the Le Tour ski area but much bigger, and you get to see the other side of Mont Blanc too. Whilst Les Contamines has hosted the Skicross world evasion mont blanc piste map before, there isn’t a permanent track in place, instead a small snow park “ludoparc” is constructed by the Tierces Telesiege, as evasion mont blanc piste map as occasionally a half pipe near the town itself when there’s mqp snow.


Les Contamines evasion mont blanc piste map area however is much quieter and it doesn’t take pise on skins before you’ve left the lifts behind and are out in terrain that can feel very remote. Being hidden away on the back of the ski area and with no convenient road access the Hauteluce slopes seem to get forgotten about by most, which is to your advantage. As well as beginner modules there are a variety of bigger wallrides and features, with lots of edge friendly wooden constructions.

Even better, the ascent gets some shade in the morning, saving you from being roasted by the sun, whilst the descent is on the same aspect as much of the skiing from the Buche Croissee chairlift within the Les Contamines ski area,so you evasion mont blanc piste map get a good idea of the snow conditions for the descent without breaking sweat. Passing over the col your descent awaits, along with a whole new valley of views and the chance to put some more clothes on and have a bite to eat.

If anything, the family friendly reputation helps keep the pow hunters away leaving a much more relaxed vibe to the resorts on a powder day. With only a few exceptions the slopes aren’t threatened from above by large avalanche prone zones either, so whilst the powder hounds are still waiting in the queue for Grand Montets to open you can already be on your umpteenth lap of the day.

Snowparks in Chamonix, France. Another advantage of being at the top of the hill is that there are no advanced runs feeding into the beginner area. If you’re in Chamonix when this happens, there’s a simple solution – head to St Gervais, or Megeve or Combloux. As all of these areas are lower than the Chamonix pitse slopes and away from the more extreme height evasion mont blanc piste map of the mountains. If that’s a bit committing, then the Cote and Moineau pistes are a bit more forgiving with more space to play with, and to let your skis run.

Ask 10 skiers blahc makes their “best piste” best, and you’ll get 10 different answers, but for me you need a combination of killer views, well groomed slopes and not too many other folk on the piste. Beginner Ski Areas in Chamonix, France.

Then you’ll love Les Contamines. One of the best beginner tours within easy reach of Chamonix is the Col de la Fenetre, which gives over m of descending for only m of uphill effort. The higher altitude means that the snow quality is better and therefore easier to learn ma. Blue and red pistes predominate – if you like Les Houches then you’ll love these areas. In contrast stand-alone ski area of Les Contamines is much more open, but still with blue and red pistes making up the majority of the skiing.

And, perhaps evasion mont blanc piste map of all, hardly anyone skis there! Both the Aiguille red and Croche black pistes are steep and generally covered in moguls for most of evasion mont blanc piste map season, often with surprisingly consistent spacing.


Easily accessed from Megeve via the Jaillet gondola lift and a blue piste, there’s a few different ways down to lap the Pres chairlift. The pistes vary in length and aspect, with drag lifts and chairlifts to get you back up for another go.

Ski Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc pass – Official website

Above the village of Combloux, lesser known and less busy than its neighbour Megeve, are the Plaine Joux and Jouty chairlifts. Best Pistes evassion Chamonix, France.

It’s evasion mont blanc piste map a stop for skiers of all standards just to have a look about. After about a kilometre you should see the col, nestled halfway between the summits of the Aiguille de Roselette blxnc the Tete de la Cicle, continue towards the evasion mont blanc piste map. Situated at the top of the two stage gondola that rises out of St Gervais town centre, which also makes getting to AND from the beginner pistes easy for all abilities, the Blac beginner area has a selection of green and blue pistes.

Further out in the Giettaz ski area there’s a snowpark by the Torraz drag lift. Near the Jaillet lift that heads out of Megeve there’s another boardercross zone.

If you’re looking for some where to practice your ski touring, train without worrying about snow conditions or evasion mont blanc piste map enjoy some fresh air whilst going uphill, Combloux is also host to a dedicated ski randonne itinerary. The long tree-lined pistes help shelter you even more from the wind as well as providing good contrast to help in flat light or poor visibility. You could argue that when you’re learning to ski you’ve got enough evasion mont blanc piste map your plate, what with coordinating skis and poles to all be going in the right direction at the right time, but there’s still a lot to be said for having some good views to distract you.

The Jouty and Torraz chairlifts help to bring you back to the pistes with a minimum of effort. Book Ski School Also see: Beginner areas in Evasion Mont Blanc Ski Area You could argue that when you’re learning to ski you’ve got enough on your plate, what with coordinating skis and poles to all be going in the right direction at the evasion mont blanc piste map time, but there’s still a lot to be said for having some good views to distract you. Once you’ve got your confidence there, you can move on to longer blue pistes below the Pertuis and Plan Joux chairlifts or the longer again Pere Noel remember, skiing is for life, not just for Christmas To make the most of the skiing here a set of touring skis or snow evasion mont blanc piste map are very useful.

The descend initially runs to the right, below the east slopes of the Tete de la Cicle. Off-piste Ski Areas in Chamonix, France.

These pistes start up above the tree line on the side of Mont Joly and end through glades in the forest.