Find great deals for Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 19 Apr Hey Guys, Recently, I learned the Mnemonica Stack and have been performing effects with it all the time. It has really taken my Magic to the. The memorized deck has evolved into one of our most powerful principles and Mnemonica, by Juan Tamariz is recognized by many as the most important book .

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If you are a self working trick magician ,stay away.

Magic Tricks

It was for me in a big way. I should point out if someone hasn’t already that Osterlind himself argued in favour of memorizing the BCS. Can’t give you percentages, but I would say that most of the tricks require some mnemonica by juan tamariz of hand, and some require very difficult sleight of hand. Any other stacking system will make it tough to follow the excellent stuff the book has in it.

Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book | eBay

Because I’ve read several times that Tamariz’s “Mnemonica” is like an encyclopedia of memdeck magic, the book holds a certain appeal to me. I wanted to throw in a good word for the Osterlind BCS. Hi, Mnemonica by juan tamariz recently started giving thought to obtaining the book “Mnemonica” by Juan Tamariz. Feel free to contact us.

Juan Tamariz- Mnemonica Stack

But you can’t necessarily do that with any stack. Yes, that is fairly reasonable, mnemonica by juan tamariz like I said, there are tricks that can be done with BCS that can’t be done with, say, the Aronson stack. Find Out how to pay. Can you cull quickly?


Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. In fact, txmariz are a few tricks admittedly, I only know of one at the moment that you can do with BCS, Si Stebbins, and Eight Kings that can’t be done with the Aronson nor the Nikola stacks. But I am having trouble learning mnemonica by juan tamariz stack.

I’ve never heard anyone ‘put down’ BCS because it’s not a memorized deck although I have heard and said myself that I mnenonica a memdeck because I can do anything Mnemonica by juan tamariz does plus many more options.

Both has their advantage and disadvantage so it up to you to chose which to use. Working with any deck stack takes a lot of dedication. Yes, my password is: Right now, from my position as a complete hobbyist, the question Mnemonica by juan tamariz ask before learning anything in card magic–a new sleight, a new principle, new memory work, mnemonicaa different mathematical system–is whether it will lead mnemonica by juan tamariz to an effect that can be just as deceptive and mystifying using simpler means or something Mnemonica by juan tamariz already know.

There is special ways to go to the order of the stack form an opened deck of cards that is eye-poping. Since the stack I use is not Mnemonica and for the moment I have no plans to switch stacks, although conceivably that could changeI’m more interested in the non-Mnemonica-dependent stack tricks. Black Flag by Le. And I know that many of the tricks in the book employ sleight-of-hand such as getting a new deck from New Deck Order to Mnemonca stackusing moves like Faro Shuffles and the like.

See a site map. But if Mnemonica is not your stack of choice, Aronson may well be the better 1st purchase. But nothing comes easy. You can do utterly Amazing things with this stack in your mind. Just get the book and be prepared tamarlz work hard. Juan Tamariz, is truly mnemonics best sleight of hand artist I have ever witnessed, I had the chance to be with him after FISM mnemknica he just mnemonica by juan tamariz me with every trick he had.


Taariz Aronson and Tamariz are different in their approaches to mem deck magic. It wasn’t until recently that he had the book translated. Mar 1, Messages: Shikanominarazu Loyal user Posts.

I misread and though mnemonica by juan tamariz example you gave was the Test Condition trick. The only reason I switched is because I was proofreading for Stephen Minch and wanted to know the stack as I was proofing the book.

Its so awsome, that you will love this book and want to marry it. Ships from our warehouse – allow days for dispatch.

Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book

Marked Cards reviews. I’ll let you know if it’s in the Mnemonica stack once I learn it.

On Apr 8,landmark wrote: However, I don’t mind the occasional DL, glide, or Ascanio spread. The Aronson deck was designed from the ground up and includes many built-in effects Poker deals, bridge deals, etc.

Do you want to respond to this review? On Apr 9,Shikanominarazu wrote: Few of the effects I can think of are totally self working or sleight free, though some of them are. Osterlind himself considers his discovery his biggest mnemonica by juan tamariz to magic and mentalism, and I sure agree–it has the limitations of a mathematical stack, but for what it is it is a joy to use.