the first-generation Ooma Telo Handset. from using the original Ooma Telo Handset to the new Ooma .. other than as detailed to by the User Manual could. Ooma Telo · Ooma Office. For Home; For Business; Shop Manuals. View documentation for all of our Ooma Office products. Administrator Manual: English. I have tried to download/print the Quick Start Guide PDF so that others that use our phone system can understand voice mail options.

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To search by name, type the name of the contact on your phone, tapping each key once. There are several ways that you can enable the speakerphone: Scroll up and down through your Ooma telo manual until you have highlighted the contact you wish to call.

In this menu, you have the following options: Call Logs ooma telo manual redial give you different information. When this feature is on, the Handset will automatically hangup a call when you put the phone on its charger.

Answering the call will connect the two phones via intercom. Make sure Baby Monitor is enabled under the Phone Settings menu for the phone that will act as the microphone Select a phone to act as a receiver the phone that broadcasts audio Press the Menu key and navigate to the intercom submenu on the receiver phone. When this feature is on, Ooma Premier users will be able to hear screened calls over the speaker of the Ooma HD2 Handset. How can I mute my phone?

Building upon the highlights of the first generation Ooma Telo Handset, the Ooma HD2 Handset is ooma telo manual cordless phone built to quickly and easily integrate with your Ooma Telo. Ooma telo manual you can use Favorites to make a call, you must add a phone number by following these instructions:. Your Phonebook will help you keep in touch with ooma telo manual people you care about the most, while also personalizing your Ooma experience.

To unmute the phone, press the left soft key a second time. When this feature is on, the Handset will ooma telo manual answer a call if the phone is ringing and you pick it up off of the charger.


The Ooma HD2 Handset delivers the lifelike sound of HD Voice and comes packed with features, including picture caller-ID, easy phonebook integration, one-touch voicemail access, integration with helo premium features, and more. Accessing your Phonebook You can access your Ooma telo manual by pressing the Menu key and selecting the Contact List option. If this feature is turned off, screened calls will not play over the speaker mannual the Ooma HD2 Handset.

Answer Press the green answer key to pick up an incoming call or to ooma telo manual to a fresh dial tone. Call Logs will show you recent incoming phone calls, whereas redial will show you recent outgoing phone calls.

Navigation Pad Use this four-directional pad to navigate through the intuitive menu system. This screen will show, in order: Activating this feature will ring the particular handset. Ooma telo manualfollowed by the speed dial slot number OR Press and hold the speed dial number Note: The first handset to answer will connect oomma the originating phone via intercom.

Press the red opma up key to end a current call or to exit the menu navigation back to the home screen. tleo

Ooma HD2 Handset Basic Instructions

The Information screen will tell you information about your phone that might be useful for troubleshooting and networking purposes. How do I make an HD phone call?

Use this four-directional pad to navigate through the intuitive menu system. Hang up Press the red hang up key to end a current call or to exit the menu navigation back to the home screen. What can I learn about my phone with the Information screen? The Ooma HD2 Handsets are assigned numbers based on the order in which they were activated.

These keys update intelligently depending on the context of the current menu screen. Pull up a list of ooma telo manual recently dialed calls, where you can call again or add a number to your Contact List. This feature will not work with one Ooma handset and one phone from a different manufacturer. What are the advantages of using an Ooma HD2 Handset? The ooma telo manual setting is off, which means you have to press the End Call key to hang up a call. To call a number back, highlight the number and call it by pressing the Talk key, or the speakerphone key to dial in speakerphone mode.


Does the Ooma HD2 Handset have speed dial? To add, edit or delete entries from your Phonebook, log in to My Ooma. When this feature is on, your phone can be used as the microphone in baby monitor mode. Adding a number to your Phonebook from your Call Logs To add a phone number to your Phonebook from your Call Logs, follow these directions: In order to enable this feature, you can follow these directions: Can I turn the ringer off on my phone?

In addition to scrolling through your Phonebook, you can also search by ooma telo manual or number. With this companion device, you ooma telo manual link your whole house ooma telo manual to Ooma without any wires or hassle. This will bring up a list of your recently-dialed numbers sorted into reverse-chronological order.

You can use your Ooma Telo with a regular home phone, but the Ooma HD2 Handset is ooma telo manual to integrate seamlessly with your Telo and deliver a greatly enhanced calling experience.

Press the center manuxl to select the highlighted option.

Manuals | Ooma Office | Support

The default is on. If you are calling someone who also has an Ooma Telo that is set up to make and receive HD phone calls, your call will automatically connect in HD. Speakerphone allows you to talk on the phone hands-free by broadcasting the ooma with a speaker. If you have ooma telo manual multi-handset phone with the base station plugged into the PHONE port of your Ooma device, all of the satellite phones will ring as ooma telo manual.

This will ring all Ooma HD2 Handset phones in the household.