16 May Answers: Only the comment property can be changed for a trigger referenced in the oracle forms. Triggrer is one type of event which is. Forms 6i Interview Questions – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text When you create the relation in the NEW BLOCK window, Oracle forms also alters . ATTACHED LIBRARIES REFER TO PREVIOUS ANSWER. menu_type. + Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is trigger associated with the timer? Question2: What are the trigger.

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Attaching a Toolbar to a form provides a MDI toolbar, so that there is no need to create more than one toolbar for a form application that uses multiple windows. Use SQL trace facility. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Give the sequence of execution of the various report triggers? Only one window in a form can display the console, and you cannot change the console assignment at runtime.

oracle forms 6i interview questions and answers

Oracle Forms Builder Questions & Answers

As an oracle apps technical questiohs, we often deal with Oracle Workflow issues. Through Global Record Groups: Oracle forms 6i interview questions and answers the value in the text item matches one of the values in the first column of the LOV, validation succeeds, the LOV is not displayed, and processing continues normally.


It Specifies that the current trigger fire instead of any trigger by the same name at any higher scope. Combo box accepts user input. MDI Multiple Document Interface is a parent window through which multiple documents can be accessed and browsed.

Top 50 Oracle Forms Questions and Answers | Informational Site

What are the different display styles of list items? The term file which key is correspond to which oracle report functions. Once you create a library, you can attach it to any other form, menu, or library modules. There oracle forms 6i interview questions and answers three types of iracle item: The user cannot navigate within different Forms.

Data Block is directly associated with the Database. Want to give some comment to author Shivmohan Purohit Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fires when oracle forms first marks a record as an insert or an update. You should not keep your logic in the trigger, rather you should right the code in a routine and unterview be executed based on the trigger event checks.

Inteerview the population phase, Oracle Forms issues a SELECT statement to repopulate the detail block with detail records associated with the new master record. An object group cannot contain another object group.

The resulting file can be used for ooracle deployment, but oracle forms 6i interview questions and answers not be subsequently edited in the designer. What are the Various Block Coordination Properties? What are the different default triggers created when Master Deletes Property is set to Non-isolated?


It updates the screen display to reflect the information that oracle forms has in its internal representation of the screen. When you call a form, Oracle Forms issues a savepoint for the called form. Error Message informs the user about the errors interrupting the processing.

A property clause is a named object that contains a list of properties and their settings. Built-in that is used for setting the LOV properties: Form builder is a component of Oracle Developer that is used to develop form based Applications for presenting and manipulating data.

When do you use data parameter type? To use Global Record Group: It is displayed with an arrow to the left of the property name.

Top 13 Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers

Image Item is used to store and display images. What are the different methods of Navigation in Oracle Forms?

What are the master-detail triggers? What are the differences between visual attribute and property class? It is adn command line argument that allows you to specify a file that contain a set of arguments for r20run.