Expand your Office skills. I always cut off the UAC so I doubt this is a permissions issue. If the driver you want is not listed, contact the administrator of the database you are connecting to for information about how to obtain the correct driver. Create an ODBC data source. Sign up using Email and Password. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. Running this executable as administrator grants you administrator privileges to create data sources on the computer.

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Installing MS Access database provides the necessary drivers needed to be able to use it.

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What does Running as Admin do and why does this solution work? Delete a folder from vault EPDM: Since I can access my data through a User DSN definition, I doubt that this is an issue with the fact that micgosoft PC is a 64 bit machine and that there is some issue with a system dsn microsoft access.

For example you can copy a file data source to any computer that has the system dsn microsoft access ODBC driver so that your application can rely on consistent and accurate connection information to all the computers it uses. This article contains general system dsn microsoft access about ODBC data sources, how to create them, and how to connect to them by using Microsoft Access.

Shouldn’t this be a ServerFault question? But the applications aren’t clear that they are setting up 32 and 64 bit ODBC connections and that they aren’t aware of each other.

Natch Ruengsakulrach Natch Ruengsakulrach view profile. Or you can place the file data source on a single server, share it between many computers on the network, and easily maintain the connection information in one location.

Have you tried making one from Access? For details about creating ODBC data sources, see https: You are now following this question You accdss see updates in your activity feed. Was this information helpful?

Administer ODBC data sources

Now, usually in the resulting list I should be able to see the Oracle 11g data source, but it’s not showing up microsofy my list. I click the ‘external data’ tab, then click the ‘more’ drop down and choose “ODBC database”. How can I get this working? Who gives us most useful answer. system dsn microsoft access

To solve this, follow one of these methods: Known Issues KB System dsn microsoft access Examples of connection information include server location, database name, logon ID, password, and various ODBC driver options that describe how to connect to the data source.

Rohan Eppakayal System dsn microsoft access Eppakayal view profile. In a module, you can define a formatted connect string that specifies connection information. Add an ODBC data source. I think you’re on the right track wondering about your new bit PC.

Administer ODBC data sources – Access

System data sources can be used by all users on a computer and are visible to all users on the computer and system-wide services. TallTed system dsn microsoft access From there I choose “Link to the data source by creating a linked table” and choose the “Machine Data Source” tab on the following dialog window.

Copied File Document Rules: About ODBC data sources. I am setting up the DSN to connect to my data sources, and I don? RLH 2, 12 30 Select Your Location Choose your location system dsn microsoft access get translated content where available and see local events and offers.

You may receive emails, depending on your notification preferences. Because Access is a 32 bit, then the location of these system DSN’s are thus here: However, I imagine that could be the case.