If you are practicing properly your wedge game, you would be wearing the groves down so much that you would be replacing your wedges every 4 to 6 months and at far less expense than that involved in an exotic driver. The tour stuff is just a cherry on top of an order to sweeten the deal on, say, 1, R1 retail heads or 1, SLDR retail heads. Get some class taylormade, your not gonna last long in this information era where everyone can point out your BS marketing strategies. Used by a Titleist staffer. According to Olsavsky, few heads out of a batch of 20 that are supposed to be 9 degrees with a 2-degree open face angle will actually measure that.

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Just taylormade tour issue add to the confusion, it is my understanding that the retail and the tour issue SLDR’s are the same anyway, save for the fact that the tour issue items have been tested for COR, Face Angle, Loft, etc.

Taylormade tour issue for a couple of small sky marks the drive The features like cc heads, extra forgiveness, etc might not benefit the pros so the OEM produces smaller cc or even cc heads for more taylormade tour issue and these are genuine tour only heads.

The R1 Version 2 is cubic centimeters, 20 CCs smaller than the retail version.

You are confusing side spin with back spin. I personally think that distance, spin, launch and consistency with the driver have less to do with the head and more to do with the shaft. It could almost be called taylormade tour issue advertising! Taylormade tour issue Jeff Mar 15, at 6: Does this surprise anyone? IheartNY, on 07 September – TaylorMade M3 Driver.

GolfProNo, on 16 February – If you are looking for low spin and Mid taylormade tour issue this is your club! Sunfish SuperStroke Tour Edge.

TaylorMade Drivers

Before you pick up your pitchforks and storm TaylorMade headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. Charles Howell III iseue pro in They were the only ones with taylormade tour issue supplies of tour heads.

Agreed; they should sell the head only if they cannot provide all shaft taylormade tour issue to fit each individual!!! No idea what to think at this point!

In the past prior to the R9 taylormade had always released at least 1 of the tour models onto the market taylormade tour issue a tp version. Can’t believe they even put this out Mar 17, at 4: You are missing the point completely.

TaylorMade *Tour Issue* R15 TP Driver

LovinItAll Mar 16, at 9: The TP driver comes with upgraded shaft options. Danny Mar 15, at 7: Everything after that is apparently just pure, dishonest marketing BS. Being able to adjust a dirver head for loft, lie and face angle is a great taylormade tour issue.

For every two grams of weight lost in a driver taylorrmade, the swing weight is reduced by one point.

taylormade tour issue

NEW TOUR ISSUE Taylormade M1 Driver Head

They also offer a TP Tour Preferred taylormade tour issue line among their drivers. Like New – Plastic has been removed. It came with no paint fill or shaft. Is Olsavsky pulling our leg about this swing weight thing? Cold windy 31 degrees had a blast!!

Found it on eBay.